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Masters Design Basses
Affordable - Fine playing basses with slim, comfortable necks.
This series is modeled after our U.S.A. EP basses. They are comfortable, easy playing basses that balance
well sitting or standing. The necks are well made with solid woods which allow us to set the action nice and
low. These basses are an excellent combination of performance, quality and price, and gives you a bass
that will perform for years.

EPiB 4-D
Passive PJ 4-Strings
Includes Deluxe Gig Bag

Active PJ 4 & 5-Strings
Includes Deluxe Gig Bag
Starts at $479
Neck-Thru 4 & 5-Strings Active
Includes Hardshell Case
Starts at $629

There is no shortage of inexpensive basses on the market and it can become difficult to know what is a worthwhile buy. Many don't play very well, use the least expensive hardware and components, and are generally frustrating to play. This is not what we wanted. We wanted a well designed bass with good hardware and components. A bass that a good player will enjoy. The bass will play well, stay in tune, be pleasing to play, and be a bass you can stick with over time. The cost of the EPi's is not in the cheap range, but in our opinion - a better investment.

       • Get your bass ready to play. Our luthiers perform the final set up on each bass so the string height is correct,
          the nut height is correct, the bass is intonated, etc. If you have a specific set up or tuning, please let us know.
          Many times we can accommodate you.

       • The 4D is a simple 4-String with passive pickups (no battery needed). It has a very good feeling, solid neck,
          that even seasoned players like. The P pickup is full sounding with a good, thick bottom, and the J adds a nice,
          bright sound when you want to cut through the mix.

       • If you want the flexibility of an active eq bass or need a good, affordable 5-string, then step up to the active
          electronics EPiB series. The eq is an active 3-band which gives you a cut/boost of low, mids, and highs. Simple,
          yet felxible enough to attain a lot of voicings.

       • And for those that want the sleek feel and striking look of a neck-thru design, the EPiN is your bass. The dual
          soapbars are a full range pickup so you can move from boom to bright, especially with the active 3-band eq.
         This is a very good price for a quality neck-thru.

       • The 4D and EPiB come with a very nice heavily padded deluxe gig bag, while the neck-thru's come
          with a hardshell case.

       If you are looking for a bass you can perform with, that sounds good, looks good, feels good, AND is affordable...
       these basses deserve your attention.
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