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At U.S. Masters Guitar Works we not only craft some of the finest, high performance guitars and basses, we invent and develop instruments and features to improve the playing experience. Our attention to feel, detail and tone is evident in what matters most - the creative response of the instrument.

Each instrument starts with the selection of the raw woods, to the final set-up by skilled luthiers. We are not a production line manufacturer, so each instrument is given high level attention, hand-made detail, and care.

Yet, we go beyond skill, care, and detail. Our vast combined experience working with many brands and models led us to develop what we feel are important improvements in the structure of the instruments. Comfort and ease of playing, the sonic palate and the feel you get through your hands are just a few of our improvements.

Our modern CNC equipment allows us to manufacture with a very high level of precision and consistency. We're able to implement tight fit, perfectly aligning neck joints with minimal glue for better wood to wood contact, compression set patented no-shift neck joints, maplecore mahogany necks, exacting fret placement, consistency of neck and body cuts, and complete control over the fine aspects of each instrument. Precisely made, top quality, raw necks and bodies makes the rest of the crafting process easier.

We are also known for the brilliance and lively quality of our high gloss finishes. A great deal of time and effort was poured into our finishing process to give you instruments that have deep luster that beautifies the wood. Our finishes are also thin so as to have minimal impact on the sound. Here is a good spot to address the great debate about finishes.

We offer very high quality guitars at reasonable prices that compete at the highest level. As a smaller manufacturer, we provide close attention-to-detail in each U.S. Masters instrument. Coupling CNC precision with experienced craftsmanship results in Guitars and Basses that perform in the most demanding situations.

We also have an exceptional array of custom options available, this enables you to truly, "get it the way you want it!"

We invite you to browse our website for custom guitars, a custom bass, left handed guitars, a fretless bass, MapleCore set-necks, a class A tube amp, and much more.

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Body Blank Glue-Ups
Sanding Guitar Bodies
Finishing in the Spray Booth
Electric Guitars in the spray booth
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U.S. Masters Finishing examples
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Performer Series guitars in spray booth Avada S ready for assemlby
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