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TVA30 Amp

TVA30 Tweed Combo
30 watt Class A All-Tube Signal Path
Point To Point Hand Wired
2 Channels with Reverb & Effects Loop
Boutique Construction and Performance
Head & Cabinet or Combo style

Factory Direct Price
Please call (877) 716-0000 to order

Combo $699
Colors Available:
Head/Cab $869
Colors Available
Amp Audio & Video
 Amp Specs

 Power &
 Signal Path





 Rear Panel




All tube 30 Watt Class A power amp with 4-EL84/6BQ5 and 3-12AX7 preamp tubes. No solid-state devices are in the signal path nor are any used for creating overdrive or distortion.

Built for highest dependability and lowest noise - Point-to-point, hand wired and printed circuit board (see pictures and text below), shielded wiring for internal signal paths, no connectors are used internally except to connect to the reverb tank (uses RCA connectors)

2 channels - Clean and Drive (High Gain), footswitchable

2 - Low (attenuated) and High

Clean Volume, Drive Gain, Drive Volume, Channel Switch, LED Channel Indicator, Boost (affects both channels), Treble, Middle,
Bass, Reverb, Effects Level, Standby, Power

Effects Send (Pre-amp Out), Effects Return (Power Amp In), Stereo Footswitch Jack (reverb and channel switch), 2 Speaker Outputs, Speaker Impedance Selector (4 or 8 ohm), Power Cord and Fuse Assembly

Masters Design RedBack G1280 custom-designed high efficiency 12" speaker

TVA30C - 1 x 12" combo; TVA30H - head; 112S - 1 x 12" closed back speaker enclosure

FT-200 metal case footswitch included with TVA30; switches channels and reverb
4 TVA30 Amp Combos
TVA30 Amp Black Combo
TVA30 Amp Tweed Back
TVA30 Amp Black Stack TVA30 Amp Cream Stack TVA30 Amp Red Stack
TVA30 Amp Black Combo 2
TVA30 Amp Dials Diagram
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Cabinet Joint

How do we keep the price so low on a class A tube amp?
The answer is that we have it made overseas. The parts and components for amps are greatly made overseas and when we looked at sourcing/building our own it became evident that our design would be better served if we also had it assembled overseas. We love the amp and wish we could make them here for this price but it we can't touch it. It is just a great deal for a class a tube amp, and it sounds good.

he Output Transformer ... a critical link in performance
Here is thThtypical size of a 30 watt output transformer as you will see employed in many amplifiers of the 25 to 40 watt power range (including many "high-end" models). Beside it is our custom-made 70% overrated output transformer. It costs 7 times more than the conventional transformer but the difference in sound quality, reliability and performance is huge!

Component Mounting
Notice the size of the stud and hardware mounting the power transformer. It's not going anywhere! And, what is not visible on the other side of the chassis are the vibration isolation pads with which it is mounted to help eliminate any potential mechanical, electrical or noise problems.Tube sockets are fastened with machine screws and hex nuts locked with thread-lock compound - far more durable than rivets, and they'll hold tight for years of service on the road..

Toroidal Power Transformer
We use a Toroidal Power Transformer made especially for the TVA30. Toroidal transformers provide higher performance than conventional transformers, weigh less and are more compact. They generate less hum, audible noise and magnetic radiation, and provide higher and more stable output under demand. They're also more expensive, but the added performance is audible, and worth every cent. In addition, we're using a higher quality (and even more costly) toroidal transformer for long-term reliability.

Point-to-Point Hand Wired
Point-to-Point construction and PC boards are used for greatest reliability. No
connectors or multi-pin connectors are used inside the amp except for RCA connectors to the reverb tank. Everything is hardwired for reliability, lower noise and better conductivity. This is a much more expensive way to build an amplifier; so much hand labor is involved. But, the consistent performance, long-term reliability and low noise depend upon it.

Class A Power Amp
4 EL84/6BQ5 power tubes in a high voltage Class A (adjustable) DC bias grounded cathode design for greater stability and better performance under dynamic and high demand conditions.

Shielded Wire
Shielded Wire is used extensively for all critical signal paths. You won't find this in most amps. It costs a lot more and it adds a lot of labor, but it reduces noise so dramatically it is completely worth it. But wait, there's more. The shield of every shielded wire is only connected at one end. That way it shields the signal path without creating any internal ground loops, again reducing hum and noise. All of this tedious attention to detail adds up in the total performance, quality and reliability of the TVA30. Notice how neat and clean the whole assembly is. Loose wires can create varying noises in an amplifier. The high-end, hi-fi construction and workmanship of the TVA30 is evident in its performance.

It's Quiet! Low hum and noise.
A single point chassis ground is employed and internal shielded leads are drained at only one end to help eliminate internal ground loops. There are no connectors in the signal path to add noise or static and high quality capacitors are used to minimize component generated noise. And remember, the toroidal power transformer reduces hum and noise, too.

It's made with 3 springs of different time constants and envelope characteristics. The drive and recovery circuits are equalized and tailored to control the attack envelope and overall timber. The reverb has a full response and a decay taper that isn't too long, but also not too short. It feels natural and realistic.

Effects Send/Return Plus
The Effects Send can be used as a Preamp Out or Direct Out without breaking the signal flow through the amp. Plugging into the Effects Return jack breaks the signal flow through the amp and can be used as a Power Amp In. The Return has a level control for matching effects levels or setting power amp input levels. The Effect Level Control is not active until a mono ¼" plug is inserted into the Effects Return Jack.

RedBack G1280 high efficiency 12" speaker
With 80 watts average power handling, it won't break up and compromise the amplifier's performance. It has a wonderful fullness without being the dominating factor in your sound, allowing the sound of your guitar, your technique and the amp to shine through with detail and clarity.

Audio, Video & Questions

Output Transformer
Mounting Chassis Stud
Power Transformer
Internal Wiring
EL84 Power Tubes
Shielded Wire
No Connectors in Signal Paths
Reverb Tank
Effects Send/Return ports
Redback G1280 Custom Speaker
Can you describe the clean sound of this amp?
The clean sound is full with a strong bottom end and a brilliant high end you would expect from a class A amp. It does have sparkle, bite, and pop if you attack your strings. The speaker has excessive power handling to go with the oversized output section so the amp can give you a good, strong, clean signal. You can back the amp down to deliver a soft warm sound. The reverb is a classic spring tank with medium signal, not a huge bloom but quite effective. Below are some sound clips with more to come.
Sound Clips

Can you describe the distortion sounds of this amp?
You can set it for a British crunch and the tone controls are effective so you can move from dark to bright. It has good attack for a crunch distortion. A good heavy distortion can also be attained. The amp moves well from lighter distortion to heavier distortion, handles pedals very well, the tone controls are effective and it has good punch. The speaker handles the volume well. If you intend on playing at very low levels we have had some players run through a low power handling speaker that breaks up easier.
Sound Clips

Below, U.S. Masters Artists Bobby Messano plays on the drive channel of the TVA30

It's a great price. How did you get it so low?
We have them made in China. So many amp components and speakers are made in China as it is, that we decided we might as well have them assemble the amp too. Not that we are all for Chinese made. In guitars and basses the Chinese can make a good instrument. One that is enjoyable to play and they can do it for a price we simply can't compete with in the U.S. When it comes to making a guitar or bass for the finest feel and response, one that can live on the finest stages and studios, then, no, we need to step up to our U.S. made. However, in electronics, given the direction of design, they can make a very good amp. And at a price we can not compete with in the U.S. This is how we can offer an amp of this quality at this price.

Do you have a return policy?
Yes. We have a 5 day trial period. There is no holy grail of amps or sound. We do not get many returned but if it is not the sound you are envisioning you can return it. The cost you will be out is shipping to you and back.

What is the warranty?
It is a 1 year limited warranty, 90 days speaker and tubes.

Does the amp come with the footswitch?
Yes. The footswitch is included at no extra charge.

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